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By usually, I like to take one next year Diary from Moleskine before Xmas whatever my existing one has been crammed. But, maybe a little change for this year because there are 6 new pieces of Moleskine at Frankfurter Buchmesse which may be more helpful to record my life.

屏幕快照 2009-11-16 下午04.24.38

The new pieces include 6 different journals to record your lifestyle:

Recipe Journal, Wine Journal, Book Journal, Film Journal, Music Journal and Wellness Journal

Each journal is a personal archive to fill in according to different needs and feelings:

  • Pages divided by printed tabs, with a themed layout for supporting you in taking notes.
  • Pages divided by blank tabs, that the user can personalize with the enclosed adhesive labels.
  • Blank pages for freedom of expression.
  • Enclosed adhesive labels, with words and icons.
  • Themed charts, calendars, glossaries, listings.


屏幕快照 2009-11-16 下午04.24.25


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If you don’t know Moleskine collection, maybe start with this video is better for you.


A publicity directed by the realizer Niko Tziopanos, and produced by Troublemakers and Weareflink. Quite simply baptized “Ink” in a 60 seconds format, it is intended for the famous group of television channels: Exchange Clouded CCTV.

CCTV Commercial – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


Most people were attracted by one artistic white handmade chandelier which is made by a nine meter long sustainable recycled paper with flexible LED trip lights.

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“A World in HDR” , a book to present Trey’s HDR images, available pre-order now from his web.

I am very excited to announce A World in HDR! It’s a 216-page book that should be everything you have been waiting for. The vast majority of the book is select pieces from the portfolio along with extended descriptions, tips, and more information about how the photo was achieved. The second part of the book contains the HDR Tutorial along with a few bonus steps to help you get extra oomph in your creations!

Click here to get it:

Years Ago, there was one equation to proof “how men are worse than girls, during their relationships”

First we state that “girls require time and money.” (the assumptions base on their relationships)
Girl = Time x Money

And as we all know “time is money.”
Time = Money

And because “money is the root of all evil.”
Money = sqrt(Evil)

Originally we have:
Girl = Time x Money

And now we substitue everything in, we get:
Girl = Money x Money
Girl = sqrt(Evil) x sqrt(Evil)
Girl = (sqrt(Evil))^2
Gril = Evil

How About Men??

First we state that men need time, money, girl and sex.
Men = Time x Money x Girl x Sex

We all know “time is money.”
Time = Money

Men = Money x Money x Girl x Sex

And we all know to many men:
Girl = Sex

As for men’s proof showing “girls are evil” So
Girl = Evil then,
Evil = Sex

Men = Money x Money x Evil x Evil
Men = Money^2 x Evil^2

And because “money is the root of all evil.”
Men = (sqrt(Evil))^2 x Evil^2
Men = Evil x Evil^2
Men = Evil^3

Men’s proof:
Girl = Evil

Girl’s proof:
Men = Evil^3

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Didn’t do some effect with these photos, taken by new canon 450D.

New iphone 3GS with SwitchEasy Color Case (Yellow), still using my old ipod

About one year ago, this munny moved into my apartment, never…never done any design with it….sorry, munny

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.



A busy street in Wuhan, China. Hundreds of people were there and attracted by Cong. Lan Gui, A disabled artist, because he drew “Mona Lisa” in 30mins.

Video from Cyberfriends (one Chinese web of video collection) 

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