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Site: Liverpool Street Station, London

15th January 2009

Time: 11.00am

That looks like one global self-motion ‘Freeze’ on 24th Feb 2008 Edinburgh, while this video is about T-mobile.

T-mobile 2009 AD Campaign 

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London.




T-mobile Sing-Alone (sing a long)

Time: 30 April 2009

Site: Trafalgar Square, London

After the extraordinary T-mobile Dance, another single collecting of 13.500 people joining in a mass karaoke sing-along “Hey Jude” of Beatles. No participant was informed of the event, it acts spontaneous singers.

U know what? it was filmed with 24 cameras capturing the reactions of the public as 2,000 microphones were handed out and giant screens projected the words to several karaoke classics such as is ‘This the way to Amarillo & Summer Nights.’

Also, that was created by the same agency.


PS. Sorry for there was a problem with my imeem account, cannot upload Sing-Alone and Dance , just found them form YouTube,

gonna be changed few days later.

Enjoy it and let’s share our little life ^o^v



At the End, hope you like this feature

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