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The Life of an Architecture Student

A narrative slideshow that depicts a day in the life of a Berkeley architecture student (played by Chris Torres). Photography and editing by Peter Hess. Music by Nine Inch Nails.

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Illustration: The Drawcumentary

Vodpod videos no longer available.

An up close and personal documentary-style film of the lives of eighty Sheridan Illustration students and their last days before they graduate and enter the professional world. It is the first film by recent Sheridan grad Greg Dubeau.

via: Greg Dubeau on Vimeo

I had a lack of sleep for a long time while there were some projects need to be caught up at ECA, although I am one student of landscape architecture. Never dreamed that you will be much free as economics students, mostly, there are 2 spaces that you can stay during design process —— Your Studio and Your bed.

Generally, I don’t think those two courses are too difficult to study(LA or Archi), however, you need to broaden your knowledge, meanwhile, to maintain a long time passion on technic drawings.

Sketch your concept, build a model and draw details that could make you only sleep 3-4 hours per day, even without sleeping because deadline comes nearer. I spend most time on design with my model, whatever the model is digital or physical one. Model is a good way to help you check your design is gonna work well or not, it is not a symbol of the end of design. I believe that build a model for each design stage that is an efficient way to help you improve your design and finish it. In another word, that makes your design decision more firm. You can improve your design with model, can’t change all your design after building a model, although I always heard someone change his/her design after building a model, that is a very bad idea.

Interest is a good point to get started with architecture studying, on the other hand, never forgot it is also a patient work and a large number of drawings need to do, meanwhile some pressure come from tutors or clients.

One of my tag : My big dream is sleeping………. T__T

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