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Some Photos Of ShangHai

In a long-term project begun in November 2002, those two photographers – father and son – have been documenting the metropolis Shanghai as an urban composition, a man-made architectural living space and environment of unprecedented and unimaginably gigantic dimensions. The resulting images are of immense visual beauty.

via: Daily Icon





Well, lighting pollution is what I can image from this series of pictures by those two photographers, it is hardly to see stars in sky when I was living in this metropolis city. 

The earth-shaking changes of Shanghai is not only appear on the developing urban landscape, and also citizens’ lifestyle has been influenced by economic and policy reform. May not image how Shanghai looks like in 20 years later, some districts as a city with unlimited expansion even to swallow their neighbor, thus there are some existent endemicities will disappear in a few year. However, Shanghai is developing quickly that is one exciting time to us.



Jump to Horst and Daniel Zielske and see more photos: Check Here! 







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