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Music by Combustion

Owners: Alex Trochut, Dvein

Dvein created this wonderful titles for the 2008 TOCA ME design conference.

One short film created by imperceptible integration of both CGI and real footage. As the opening title sequence, Dvein created strongly type titles and present each of the artists’ name which monogram designs by Alex Trochutin in order to show beyond the main titles.

Beginning with “Beyond Surface” expresses the conference would go beyond the invited artists.

via: Dvein Web

About TOCA ME:

TOCA ME is a design studio based in munich, germany. The main focus as a design agency is on creativity and design – ranging from consulting, conception and design to the realization and suppot of classic and interactive projects in the field of print, web, event, virtual worlds and design community.

The creation of brands and their integrated, concept driven, tailor made and innovative communication solutions are characterized by: passion, flexibility and spontaneity.

Click to see TOCA ME Studio on web


About Behance Network:

*Behance Network is a world-wide public arts organizations, aims at the establishment and collection of the world’s top creative set designs, artistic creation and presentation design.

Web site content, including the design of the circle to display collections, magazines and also art exchange of views.*

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