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Most people were attracted by one artistic white handmade chandelier which is made by a nine meter long sustainable recycled paper with flexible LED trip lights.


In fact, the 9m long chandelier was assembled by 25 individual cloud lamps, you can hang anyone on the wall or leave on the floor, even we can put one ‘cloud’ in a glass box and make it is looked like a floor lamp or any other ideas.

One beauty decorative handmade work, to elaborate dreamlike 3D landscape and create expressive with Chinese paper-cutting technique.

There are some details about the work and some price on her web.

Please Click Here To Visit.



The new Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid takes inspiration from the fluid movement of water. The revolutionary shape employs the latest methods of production and a unique ceramic coring process, resulting in a tap that is as much a piece of art as it is a kitchen or bathroom appliance.

While hot and cold water is controlled by the tap’s discrete handle, the drinking water element is activated by a touch sensitive electronic button indicated by the subtle Triflow logo. A green halo light ignites when operational, turning red when the water treatment cartridge needs replacing and flashing red when the battery is running low. The battery provides back-up in case of mains electricity failure.

The 3 shiny taps are looked like steady sophisticated shapes are moored on peaceful water surface.

If you want to learn more, please click here.


A shape shifting light that provides ambient diffusion of energy efficient compact fluorescent and LED light sources, Urchin has an irresistibly unique character that invites playful interaction. Its elastic movement and shifting form are akin to a sea creature, making the piece move as if alive. made from the same translucent white textile material as cloud softlight and textile softwall + softblock, these pieces complement each other to create fluid, sculptural environment.

A non-woven polyethylene material, trade name Tyvek©, it is 100% recyclable and made from 5 – 15% recycled content. Its lightweight paper look and feel is tear, UV and water resistant, making it durable to handle and maintain.

The textile material has a “class A” flame spread in North America. Documentation is available on request.

Interested? Click Here.



Glass pendants.
Handmade and sandblasted to create a smooth and soft
fabric like surface.
All the pendants vary in length to underline the impression of a malleable material and suggest a narrative.
The lights come in black, blue or most colours on request.

Click here to via Marie Retpen’s site



Blueprint and Claystation present a four-day interactive event: Decorate and build a chair from paper, and enter our competition to win a full-scale version!

Sorry, guys, I forgot to take a photo for the cutting plane behind the hundred tinny paper made chairs.

More details, click here.



This year’s 100% Design main bar has been designed by Viable London. Better known for their furniture designs, this is the studio’s first bar commission.
The Main Bar at Earls Court is the centerpiece of 100% Design and the studio wanted to create visually striking yet not overbearing design, working with various material sponsors.
Both the inspiration and constraints for the design came from the materials themselves; Perspex and aluminium are commonly paired together in retail and exhibition environments but their usage tends to be restricted to standard panel constructions and signage.
By working with the materials, Viable London has used a folded hexagonal aluminium framework from Unibox and geometric shapes to create a 3D paneled surface that creates visual impact and defines the spaces.
The screens are arranged around a bar counter clad in seductive Midnight black Perspex, which complements the dark UPM Profi decking stretching the full 25m length of the space. Bute’s fabrics were selected for the upholstery for their beautiful blend of colours and textures that which compliment the concept of the Main Bar.
Even though both materials are recyclable, (having been witness to the frequent waste of materials at the end of exhibitions) Viable London was keen that the main structure of the bar be re-useable. The modular and de-mountable components have achieved this. All of the frames will be dismantled at the end of the show to be re-used in infinite formations for future shows, displays or exhibitions.

(Via Viable London) Click Here



Thelermont Hupton’s fascination with the credit crunch became apparent in their ‘Upwardly mobile’ coatstand. The beautiful miniature figures of a burglar, a show girl, astronaut and window cleaner become the hooks on ‘their pole’ as they climb and graft hard for a living.

Designed By Thelermont Hupton
Manufacturer: Thelermont Hupton
Dimensions: 1960mm x 450mm
Materials and finishes: Steel, Resin, lacquer and powder coat



Designed before 5 years, 2004

Imagine there is a series of coat hooks look like gestures represent on your wall, would you like to hang your coats on them?

Also come from Thelermont Hupton design, cast in composite materials with lacquer finish in black/pink/orange/red/white.

Click here to via Thelermont Hupton



Designed by Benjamin Hubert, one collection of blown glass lamps for design brand Authentics won the Best New Product award at this exhibition.

Got many information from Dezeen before got this exhibition. Labware is composed of three forms inspired by traditional laboratory beakers.

Via Dezeen to find more stories here.




2700 Pantone swatches will be laid out for 1000 members of the public to select colour from the whole Pantone range that, in their mind, best represent the 7 spectral colours, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pruple.

Their choices will then be physically stuck onto 7 large wall mounted sheets of Aluminium, creating 7 large monochromes that will evolve over the course of the exhibition.



Please don’t ask me what it is, don’t ask me how many color will be provided, there is only thing I know: The finished creature’s eyes light up when their smart soft ears are touched together, or you can try to link one by one to make them light up together.

How much is it? The price I got from event is £14~

There is one video on youtube about process: view it

Want one? Click here.



Designed by Martin Smith, sample enthusiastically claps its red hands when you press the red butoon. Why not make sounds when it claps hands?

Similar funny toy is found in China a few years before, I would like to shoot it when I see it again.

More information, click here.



3form is the leading manufacturer of award winning, eco-friendly materials and hardware systems for the architecture and design industry.

Main Materials:

1.Varia: Organics, Metallics, Graphics, Structures, Pure Color, Textures



Materials is one magic elements active running in the design world, even it can bring design revolutions. If you are interested in it, please check on 3Form’s web, there are many choice for your design. You will love it.

Please Click Here.

There are some photoes and photocopied cards from the event, not so many.

If you are interested in this festival, you also can check those projects on official web.

Via 100% Design Festival

The next event will be hold during 23-26 September 2010.


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