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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Well, well, well, look at those two naked were walking on the famous square in NY, they come from ‘Matt and Kim’ (M&K)

An original and aesthetic clip for the group being put Matt and Kim with the presence of two naked actors, while advancing towards the famous place Times Square in New York. Filmed entirely in idle, on the title “Let us injure Learned”. Actually, song’s named ‘Lessons Learned’

Well, one more thing need to stress that never playing on the traffic road while someone comes; Or you gonna visit god much early    ^o^v

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This image is 100 meters long (100m  x  78cm).

There are 178 people in the picture, all shot in the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin in the summer 2007.

Only few of the people on the photography seemed to know I was taking their picture.

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Impressive a video of demonstration with this scene of skateboard filmed in HD. A shooting in slow fox trot motion by the production Opus particularly interesting Magnum because it uses the famous Red camera.

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有人这样问:“什么是高速摄影?”有人这样回答道:“那是摄影师的冻结时间。” 虽然有些偏面,但我承认瞬时的惊艳是无法拒绝的。


High Speed Photography,在1948年SMPTE(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)将高速摄影定义为:相机以128帧/秒(或者更大)并至少连续3帧而拍照的一组相片。高速摄影或许可以理解为延时摄影(Time Lapse Photography)的相反情形。

High Speed Photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. In 1948, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) defined high-speed photography as any set of photographs captured by a camera capable of 128 frames per second or greater, and of at least three consecutive frames. 

High Speed Photography can be considered to be the opposite of Time Lapse Photography.

The first practical application of High Speed Photography was Eadweard Muybridge’s 1878 investigation into whether horses’ feet were actually all off the groud at once during a gallop.


第一个实际应用高速摄影的是Eadweard Muybridge,1878年,为了调查马匹的脚部是否在疾驰的过程内有一次全部离地。









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